About the Designer

Stefanie Newton is a contemporary-retro womenswear designer, and graphic designer, from Keswick, Ontario, Canada.

Stefanie graduated from the Toronto Film School’s Fashion Design program in 2019. She received top honours throughout the program, and was the recipient of the Most Creative Collection Award and President’s Award. Handpicked by her design thesis instructor, Stefanie competed with a team on behalf of the school at the Creativ Festival: Project Creativ Catwalk competition held in Mississauga. She was also given the opportunity to intern at PYA Importer, working with the design team for brands LINE Knitwear and John + Jenn.

Stefanie then chose to continue her education, and graduated from Humber College’s Media Communications program in 2021. She sought to further refine her skills in the media arts, as the program covered her secondary passions: photography, videography, web design, and graphic design. Furthering her graphic design experience, she worked as the head designer at a local printing company until early 2023, before leaving to pursue her fashion brand.

About the Brand

Apricari offers Contemporary garments with a retro twist. Designing colourful womenswear that transitions from day to night. Derived from the Latin word Apricatus, Apricari translates to the phrase “bask in the sun.” The sun symbolizes oneself, as we share our light with others; in the same way Apricari strives to bring confidence, life, and energy.

Stefanie is the lead designer and founder of the Canadian brand, producing and selling her collections online and at local festivals and events.

Colourful / Cheerful / Contemporary / Retro

Emitting positivity since 2018.