Apricari Fashion is back at a few boutiques and markets this holiday season! We will be offering many similar styles as what appeared in the summer, but also some new items from our FW23 Autumnal Equinox Collection seen in our lookbook below:

  • Pickering College Seasonal Boutique (Saturday, November 18th | 10am-4pm)
  • Touch of Elegance Christmas Market (Saturday, November 25th | 10am-2pm)
  • Three Feathers Terrace Holiday Market (Sunday, November 26th | 10am-5pm)

Our newest additions to our Apricari line include Midi Skirts in various Fall/Winter patterns! We also have more fleece kimonos, and flared skirts, and lots of Holiday-themed kids aprons and quilts!

  • Kimonos
  • Fleece Kimonos
  • Flared Skirts
  • Midi Skirts
  • Cotton Bucket Hats
  • Corduroy Bucket Hats
  • Decorative Bands for Bucket Hats
  • Scrunchies
  • Adult Aprons
  • Children’s Aprons
  • Tea Towel Sets
  • Keychains
  • Belts
  • Bandanas
  • Baby Quilts with custom order options

The Lookbook | Autumnal Equinox


23FS01 – Midi Knit Skirt

Our midi skirts are available in 6 jersey knit patterns! They are very versatile for any time of year , due to the fabrics fluid and breathable properties. The stretch aspect of them allows the wearer to style them as a high-waisted or low-rise garment.

23FS02 – Flared Knit Skirt

These garments are made from the same pattern as our SS23 flared skirts. Now they are just available in our FW23 fabrics! The jersey knit material offers a breathable and very vibrant / flowy skirt! We do not recommend using these for swimwear.

23SA02 – Children’s Aprons

Our children’s aprons are the perfect piece to get your little ones excited about cooking and baking!

Each apron is 100% cotton, so they are washable to keep messes to a minimum.

Aprons also have adjustable criss-cross straps, so they won’t be pulled off too soon. They can also grow with your child.

23SQ01 – Custom Baby Quilts

We have 4 one-of-a-kind baby quilts, made with the extra fabric left from our children’s aprons! There is also an option to order custom quilts, which you can find here.

*teddy bear not included*

23SA04 – Adult Aprons

Our adult aprons include an adjustable strap, pocket, and buttons for decoration.

23SA06 – Tea Towel Set of 3

We have a few tea towel sets made to match our aprons!

23SJ01 – Floral Kimono

Available in 5 different patterns, our kimonos can be worn day to night. Dress them up or down for casual yet sophisticated looks. Princess seams create a more feminine silhouette, and cuffs are cinched with elastic to create a bishop-like sleeve.

23SA05 – Belts

Our belts are made from soft trim material to maximize comfort! They are also adjustable and can accommodate a variety of sizes.

23SK01 – Keychains

All of our keychains are made with recycled African glass beads.

23SA01 – Bucket Hat

Our bucket hats are available in 4 different colours. Each one comes with an adjustable / detachable cinch cord. This makes the hat very versatile for land use, boating, and relaxing activities such as paddle boarding!

23SA03 – Decorative Band Accessory

Want to spruce up your plain colour bucket hat? We offer 4 decorative band options that easily slip over the hat!

23SS01- Flared Knit Skirt

Our skirts are available in patterns and solids! The solids are 100% spandex, allowing them to be worn in the water, as well as with an everyday look. Please check the hangtag for wear instructions.

Our patterned skirts are all jersey knits for a breathable and very vibrant / flowy material! We do not recommend using these for swimwear.

24SA07 – Bandana

We have sewn all of our bandanas in triangle shapes, to remove a lot of bulk when tying them as hair accessories or neckties. They also look adorable looped through the waistband of your favourite jeans!