Capture Eunoia is an Instagram account run by Stefanie. She photographs, edits and posts all of the images displayed, each with a poetic story to give insight into the meaning behind each series. The pillars that the Capture Eunoia brand is based on are mentioned in great detail below.

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Nostalgic: The photos have a more vintage feel to the editing, which is complimented by the poetic captions that tell a story for each picture. The images also do not contain any form of technology in their content, allowing the scene to reflect truly ‘living in the moment.’

Intellectual: This pillar is reflected in Capture Eunoia through its mature imagery, as well as the thought that goes into writing every story, to properly reflect the theme of the images. The photos aim to teach viewers to ponder the meaning behind the image rather than just look at it once and move on.

Curious: Capture Eunoia aims to spark curiosity into the minds of viewers, as the images showcase a lot of local discoveries. If viewers can see that there are so many incredible sites to explore even in a small town, or in areas that do not have much tourist pull or excitement, the door will open to further creativity. This connects to the popular phrase “do not judge a book by its cover.”

Adventurous: A lot of people love to travel internationally, however, there is just as much to explore closer to home. Even though Capture Eunoia will showcase photos from a wide variety of locations, many will be directed more towards local adventures. Especially during these months of isolation, the brand will focus on showing viewers that there is so much to see all around them… they just need to go out and look.

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